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Empire Grappling 29: Yorkshire Winter Open


Empire Grappling: Yorkshire Winter Open - Saturday, 14th January 2023

Location: John Charles Centre for Sport, Athletics and Bowls Indoor Arena, Middleton Grove, Leeds, LS11 5DJ.










- Doors Open - 8:30am/9:00am

- Weigh-Ins - 8:30am/9:00am

- Spectators - 9:00am

- Bouts Start - 10:00am/10:30am



Progress Jiu Jitsu

Swifty Fitness

Idee Pure

UK Fighting Championships

XS Guard Mouthguards

COB Graphics



- BJJ Brown Belt = 50% off

- BJJ Black Belt = 50% off

- Pro MMA Fighter = 50% off (*Must have had 3+ Pro MMA Fights)


**T&C's will Apply**

- Pro MMA Fighters, must have had 3+ Pro Fights.

- You must have supported us in the past.

- The 50% off places are limited per event.

- We withhold the right not to grant this if we deem necessary.

- This cannot be used retrospectively for any event you have entered/or pay full price without contacting us first.


**All you need to do us e-mail us prior to registering and we will sort this with you.

Please e-mail the team at [email protected] for further details.



By applying to fight and compete at an Empire Grappling Events Ltd event, you are automatically accepting the terms and conditions of the entry below:-

This event is pre-registration only. We do not take late registrations or registrations on the day of the event.

- Early Bird Registration (Register before Saturday, 12th November 2022 at 10pm).

- Normal Registration (Register before Saturday 3rd December 2022 at 10pm).

- Late Registration (Register before Wednesday, 4th January 2023 at 10pm).



All must be submitted on Smoothcomp by Saturday, 7th January 2023 at 10pm.

How to Amend and How to Cancel tutorial videos below...



- All of our registration fees now include registration, admin fees and VAT.

- Spectators - £5.00 (FREE SPECTATOR ENTRY to kids under 12 years old) and are paid on the door on the of the event at the main reception.

- Each participant may be be required to complete an additional waiver/disclaimer (PARQ Form) on the day before competing.

- Divisions are subject to merge at any time without the need for prior notification to competitors.

- Under 18 years old divisions along with Beginner and Novice competitors are allocated a minimum of 2 bouts in both Gi and No-Gi.

*This is obviously subject to entrants, injuries, and any unforeseen circumstances.

- Adult/Master/Senior divisions in Intermediate, Advance & Elite will be a straight knockout and can also register for Absolute divisions.

*Adult/Master/Senior competitors can also enter our Cash Prize Absolutes at all belt/experience levels.



After registration has closed, provisional merges will be made by our team based on their their experience and multiple factors.

Competitors who do not have anyone in their division group may be merged with another division. 

Please note that we will not merge down more than 1 age group or up more than 1 weight group without first contacting the competitor(s) involved.

We will also not merge up more than 1 weight division in kids divisions without first contact the parents of the competitor(s) involved.

All athletes who remain alone in their divisions merges have taken place, means they had no default merges available to them, and therefore there are no matches available for that competitor. They will receive a full refund.




- We have added the possibility to withdraw from the event and gain a full refund if you withdraw more than 28 days before the event on Smoothcomp.

- We have also added the possibility to with from the event and gain a full credit for a future Empire Grappling event if you withdraw between 7-27 days before the event on Smoothcomp.

- Anything less than 7 days before the event, you are not entitled to an event credit or refund.


Coupon credit codes are valid for up to 2 years (24 months) from the date of issue.

If a coupon credit is used by a customer who then withdraws from the competition it was used for, at any time and for any reason, no additional coupon credit code will be issued.

To clarify, coupon credit codes can only be used ONCE.


Approximately 5 days before the event, the event brackets and schedule will be released. You will be able to locate both on the event page brackets and schedule tab.

A LIVE schedule by match order happening on each mat will also be displayed around the venue on our TV's. We will also make a courtesy call for you on the microphone to come to the bullpen or mat if you also haven’t already presented yourself for the bracket.

Please be at the bullpen 20-30 minutes before your bout is due to start. You should be weighed in and in the venue at least 60 minutes prior your division start time (not bout start time as this can be re-configured at any point) as well in case we are running ahead.

You can also tell when your matches are coming up by checking the tab on your mobile device during the competition: https://support.smoothcomp.com/article/90-find-out-your-dynamic-starting-time



All weigh-ins will take place on the day of the event. You do not have to weigh-in with your Gi on.

You only need to weigh-in once if competing in multiple divisions.

You can weigh-in anytime from the starting (8:30am/9:00am) until 60 minutes before your scheduled division start time.

You must have officially weighed in by this hour before your division time and have made the weight, or else you will be disqualified and removed from the bracket.



We will have 1 chair on each side of every score table, 1 for each coach of the competitor on the mat. The only other people allowed within the barricades during the tournament are the competitors on the mat having their match and the competitors due to compete next.



Once your division is finished and you have won either Gold, Silver or Bronze, please collect your other two medallists and head towards the podium where your medals can be presented.


We are always looking for experienced referees, event staff, as well competitors to help setup! We pay competitively, and also include extra monies to purchase/prepare the lunch of your choosing.

We also trade free registration to compete in exchange for light work during the set-up and pack-down phases of the event. To apply, please email us with your name, previous experience, and which tournament and date you are referring to at [email protected]



In submitting my application form and by way of my entry to Empire Grappling: Yorkshire Winter Open. I hereby waive all claims against any and all persons associated with any of the participating gyms, competitors, the event (Empire Grappling: Yorkshire Winter Open) and venue.

I understand that I am participating in a sport that has body contact. I assume full responsibility for all my actions during and connected to the above tournament. I understand the risk of competing in this form of Martial Arts competition and hereby release the event organisers and all its employees and associates, tournament sponsors and the event facility, from any type of injury, loss, or death sustained while competing in this competition.

I, the entrant also state that I am in good physical condition and know of no reason why I cannot participate in this Martial Arts event. Divisions or weight classes are subject to change. I understand the rules of the tournament and will abide by them. In case of an emergency, I hereby authorise any licensed medical personnel to perform any accepted medical procedure deemed necessary and I agree to bear the expense of any such treatment.

I also understand and agree that my attendance and/or performance at the tournament may be photographed, filmed, and/or taped and used by Empire Grappling Events Ltd or any sponsors for broadcast or reproduction for any portable media. I therefore waive any compensation/royalties thereof.

Furthermore, if the competitor is a minor, I assert that I am his or her legal guardian and I grant my permission for him/her to participate at Empire Grappling: Yorkshire Winter Open. Any violation of the above policy will result in immediate forfeiture of registration fees and disqualification from the current tournament and may result in disqualification from future tournaments.

Empire enforces zero tolerance on disrespect, threatening with physical violence, or verbally abusing towards anyone during the event. If any coach, competitor, friends, or family of competitors threatens or abuses anyone within the event in any shape or form, they will be escorted out of the building and their team may be banned from any future events.

By applying and/or participating in any Empire Grappling Events Limited events, I confirm that I have read and agree to all its terms. Furthermore, I acknowledge that by authorising payment I also consent fully to all terms and conditions contained herein.



If you should have any queries regarding the above, please contact Empire Grappling Events Ltd by e-mail - [email protected]

Empire Grappling Events Ltd

***FURTHERMORE, in light of the current times, we ask that anyone that is looking to enter to only do so if they are happy for their entrance to be moved to a credit for you to use at our events in the future should due to Pandemic, the Government change any restrictions at any time which effects our events going ahead in anyway. Your support by doing this goes a long way in supporting our return to events***


  • Gi / Male 48 GBP
    18 years and above
  • Gi / Male / Cash Absolute 20 GBP
    Winner receives 50% of overall pot (minimum of 8 entrants to take place)
  • No-Gi / Male 48 GBP
    18 years and above
  • No-Gi / Male / Cash Absolute 20 GBP
    Winner receives 50% of overall pot (minimum of 8 entrants to take place)
  • Gi / Female 48 GBP
    18 years and above
  • Gi / Female / Cash Absolute 20 GBP
    Winner receives 50% of overall pot (minimum of 8 entrants to take place)
  • No-Gi / Female 48 GBP
    18 years and above
  • No-Gi / Female / Cash Absolute 20 GBP
    Winner receives 50% of overall pot (minimum of 8 entrants to take place)
  • Gi / Kids 42 GBP
    6-15 years old
  • No-Gi / Kids 42 GBP
    6-15 years old
  • Gi / Juvenile 42 GBP
    16-17 years old
  • No-Gi / Juvenile 42 GBP
    16-17 years old
  • Superfight 0 GBP
    (No-Gi Elite Sub-Only)

Cancel/Refund policy